Customer Reviews

  • We just chromed a vehicle that has been on the lot for 2 months. After Chrome Enhancements customized it with a complete package, the car was sold in 2 days! How's that for speed?! I even bumped up the sticker price! I can't wait to add chrome to all of my vehicles now!

    Jenna –Missouri
  • "To date I have sold more cars faster and more satisfied customers with Chrome Enhancements on my lot than I have ever. I love when my Chrome Enhancements sales rep visits me every Tuesday."

    Cole Texas
  • “I love to add chrome to the cars on the lot! I especially love to see them move off the lot 10 times faster because they have Chrome Enhancements on them! Thanks! It is truly amazing.”

    Michael Colorado
  • “Working with Chrome Enhancements for the past 3 years has been amazing. As soon as I customize a car, it moves off the lot in lightening speed. Sometime it's hard to keep up with the demand of my customers!”

    Henry Florida
  • “All I can say is "Wow". I have been in the car selling business for 15 years and have not experienced anything like this. Once I chrome a vehicle with Chrome Enhancements it sells off the lot and at a higher sticker price! ”

    Matt Iowa
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